Tetradrachm Greek Silver

10 May 2012

Greek Tetradrachm Tetradrachm Greek Silver


Description : Obverse: Head of Hercules wearing a lion’s skin;
Reverse: Zeus enthroned holding an eagle on his outstretched palm and aceptre in other hand, with the name Alexander (in Greek) vertically to the right. MINT STATE.Under Alexander, Macedon became the greatest Empire known to history. Up until that time, the Kingdom eventually included Northern Africa, much of Asia Minor and Persia as well as Greece itself, with a combined population of some 20 million. Alexander established a common currency in the Empire, made Greek the official language, founded a number of cities and began to form a plan for the invasion of Carthage, the last vestige of Persian power. Whilwe at the pinnacle of success, Alexander overindulged at one of his banquets, dying prematurely at age 33. No one man seemed fit to rule the entire Empire and it was divided among his strongest generals, his dreams of a united Hellenistic Empire dying with him.
Price : $800

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