The Marriage by Katz

21 Jun 2012

litho the marriage 300x225 The Marriage by KatzTHE MARRIAGE (ONE OF A SET OF 12)

Description : Large folio, 27″ x 20″, illustrations for Sholem Aleichem’s story “Stempenyu”, (a popular and gifted fiddler who plays at weddings and celebrations),linen wrapping, published by ANdre Sauret, Monte Carlo, 1966, printed in France, by Mourlot, with a preface by Pierre Mazars, French text, with black-and-white illustrations. Each lithograph is signed. Subjects of the other lithos are:
1) Portrait of Sholem Aleichem
2) The Young Stempenyu
3) The ancestors of Stempenyu
4) Stempenyu’s village orchestra
5) The Drummer
6) The Engagement
7) The Marriage
8) The Mitzvah Dance
9) Rachel enters with two men
10) Freidl an her mother
11) Under the walls of the monastery
12) The disappearance of Stempenyu
Price : $1,200

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